Well I Thought It Was Funny

I am a magnet for awkward situations. They seek me out and they relish in my company. This is unfortunate because I put in a great deal of effort to avoid said situations to such an extent that I avoid most situations all together.  But somehow embarrassing things find me. So what do you do when you can’t avoid it? You laugh. A smirk, a chuckle, or a true gut-busting guffaw. You laugh because somehow the laughter makes things acceptable. As if the judgmental stares and curious whispers suddenly aren’t aimed in your direction. It’s the same as a child thinking a tiny 4 watt bulb can keep the monsters away. They’re monsters; they’ll eat you in the bright light of day if they truly wanted to. But there is something to be said in the power of laughter. To turn the joke on its head. To make your gavel-ready peers laugh with you instead of at you puts the authority back in your hands. This is my attempt to seize that authority. I am a quiet and often painfully shy guy who embarrasses easily. Full of self-deprecation and neuroses. And these are my stories for the viewing pleasure of my friends and classmates. I hope you laugh because I do all the time.