I Think I Can Watch You Dance

Let’s get one thing straight. I do not watch So You Think You Can Dance. It’s not on my TiVo. I don’t root for specific dancers or have a favorite judge. But that being said, my Youtube favorite page is absolutely full of the specific routines from the show. It’s pretty much the only reason I log on to Youtube lately.

I can’t watch videos like the one below and not wish that I could do things like that.

Sadly my body doesn’t want to move that way. We have many long conversations and it is stubborn. So I spend hours bouncing from video to video watching talented couple after talented couple do things that I can only dream about.

I’m not really learning anything, I don’t think. I haven’t learned the difference between a Contemporary routine and a Lyrical one. I just know that both routines use a John Mayer song and now I kinda like him. And I really can’t forgive them for the humiliation that comes from John Mayer popping up in my playlists. (Or for the fact that I now create playlists.)

I try to dance along sometimes. It’s infectious. I always end up bobbing my head or throwing a little extra lean into my walk. But my experiences with full blown dancing are usually one step short of a hospital visit. I’ve punched myself in the face while trying to krump. I’ve rolled my ankle trying out foot work far beyond my reach.

It’s like when I watch a foreign film and then talk in a French accent for a few hours afterward, whenever I watch SYTYCD I walk around thinking I’m Michael Flatley or at the very least Channing Tatum.

I feel silly most of the time, but then again I have found a way to somehow find a way to bring my little obsession with dancing into my own work as a writer. In most things that I work on, dancing finds its way in. The main characters share some romantic dance together or someone is dancing around to goof off. Heck even my poems are like mini-dances, each one is so tied to particular songs that it’s like my language is doing the movements that my body can’t.

In fact, watching SYTYCD videos became so inspirational that I wrote an entire full-length play based off of the routine below.

I’m usually really self-conscious about the things that I like, but for some reason I really revel in my love for dance. I don’t talk about it often, but I always get really excited when I watch really good dancing. It speaks to something that I really don’t understand, but I dig it.

I always say that I’m gonna get in shape so I can play sports like basketball or boxing and feel all macho. But in reality all I really want to do is be able to move like this. And oddly enough, I’m ok with that.


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