An Ode to Mike Birbiglia

When I set out to write this blog I was deeply inspired by my favorite comedian Mike Birbiglia, the king of the awkward man.


Ladies and gentlemen…my hero.

There isn’t anything particularly offensive or rude about Birbiglia’s comedy, just a fun series of awkward stories. And if you haven’t noticed, I kinda gravitate to that sort of humor.

I remember listening to him a lot during the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was working detail at Westside Lexus and my coworkers would always listen to the radio while we cleaned the cars, except they always would play spanish radio stations. Feeling left out, I asked my boss if he wouldn’t mind letting me listen to my iPod while I worked. Fortunately he agreed, so I was able to enjoy scrubbing car tires a little easier.

I kept listening to Birbiglia’s album My Secret Public Journal. In it he chronicles his misadventures at charity golfing outingsawkward computer viruses, and even worse run-ins with professional baseball players.

In the end he recounts a conversation with his therapist about what to do with all of these stories that cause him so much anxiety when she gave him the idea to create his Secret Public Journal. Basically it was a blog where he would write all of his embarrassing stories and presents them to the world to show himself that these horrifying anxieties that he faces can’t really hurt him. These stories would fuel his comedy, a book, and even a movie. And then inspire this blog. So I think it worked out for him.

So I just wanted to take the time to give my hero his due. Below is the trailer to his film Sleepwalk with Me:




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